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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Video: All You Love Is My Dick! Mystic Pizza Clip.

"M" is for Mystic Pizza
Did you know that Vincent D'Onofrio was in the movie Mystic Pizza?  I know most remember that movie for Julia Roberts but I believe it's Vincent that makes that movie unforgettable. He plays Bill, boyfriend to JoJo (Lili Taylor) . Bill insists on marriage and a lifelong commitment while Jojo is content on being obsessed with Bill's big wrists and having sexual dalliances in bathrooms and other nookie nitches. The role reversal of the man wanting marriage and the woman wanting sex and being afraid of commitment is fairly entertaining but far from groundbreaking. Bill renames his fishing boat Jojo in her honor after she agrees to marry him, but after she recants and they are discovered fooling around by his traditional parents he renames the boat Nympho.

I just purchased a old VHS copy of this a couple weeks ago. I was like a kid in a candy store. It had the original artwork on the cover which I adore. If I find a Vincent movie I just have to buy it. Weather I have it already or not.


  1. I do love this movie (as evidenced by my chosen blogging name). I first saw it some time in 2005, and it was about halfway over when I realized Bill was Bobby Goren.

  2. Bill! What a beautiful character!! Once again, as with so many of his movies, he is what makes this movie worth watching over and over and over again!

  3. Hi, I love Vincent and have done since I saw him in Criminal Intent, and also another movie where he plays a crazy writer who talks his scenes out loud as he writes them, then commits suicide later in the movie. I don't care much for the quote you used for the entry line. I think perhaps Vincent is what is called a "method actor", but he certainly is unforgettable, and one that people either love or hate. There is no in between. I continue to watch reruns of LOCI. Best regards to you. How nice to find a blog dedicated to Vincent.
    Ruby aka Grammy

  4. One of my childhood movies - of course, I didn't know Vincent was in it. However, Bill was yummy. Then, that was it. There wasn't anything special in this, IMHO.