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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Movie Short: "Crackers" with Vincent D'Onofrio. Watch it Here.

"CRACKERS" - Short Film - Super 16 from Scott Pelzel on Vimeo.

Out of work Chef Gus (Vincent D'Onofrio) is taunted and tortured by his boisterous Mother-In-Law Bedilia (Brenda Vaccaro) who is forced to move in with he and his young wife (Kat)herine (Bethann Bonner) after the untimely death of Bedilia's husband Jack (Dan Hedaya).

The film also stars comedian Sal Richards, Anthony Laciura (Boardwalk Empire) and Vincent Mora.

Click the above link for full movie info, pictures, and news links. 


  1. I watched this on Nantz's blog and was so happy to see it. Now I'm gonna watch it here too!!Great film, and so nice to see Vincent in something new!!!He can still lay one on the lips, can't he. Makes you wish you were the woman playing opposite him...Loved the ending! Thanks for posting, Bev.

  2. I keep watching the scenes with his wife just because its been sooooo long since we've seen that from him. He keeps taking these roles that are so out there any romantic possibilities are non-existent so even though it's not exactly passion-filled in this film, at least it's something. I can't remember the last time he kissed a woman in a movie....could it be Steal This Movie? Was it that long ago? Someone needs to tell him he's still sexy.

  3. this link doesnt weork for me.

  4. I too was happy to see the loving scenes shared between Gus and his wife. It was a long time waiting.

    Miss Lee @ I believe someone provided a MP3 version of the link on the FB group.

  5. i can't believe there is actually a site called bluevelvetvincent. thank you

  6. My pleasure. :) Hope you enjoy it.