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Friday, 13 April 2012

"L" is for Law and Order: Criminal Intent

I thought I can't let the A-Z challenge go by with out paying homage to one of my favorite shows ever, Law and Order: Criminal Intent.  Long before I became a fan of Vincent, not even knowing who he was really, my husband and I became addicted to the show almost since it's premiere.  There was something uniguely different about the show that kept us coming back week after to week.The series pays attention to the actions and motives of the criminals, rather than focusing exclusively on the police and prosecutions. A feature of each Criminal Intent episode is that the cold open always involves a series of cut-scenes that show events from the suspects' and victims' lives, leading up to the crime. Clues to the crime's eventual solution can often be found in this teaser sequence. Unlike other Law & Order series, most Criminal Intent episodes end in confessions rather than continuing to the trial phase. Det. Bobby Goren's clever and quirky interrogation style left us begging for more.

Vincent started with the show back in 2001. During Seasons 5-8 Vincent alternated episodes with Chris Noth. Vincent left the series in the Season 9 premiere, which aired in two parts on March 30 and April 6.On September 22, 2010, Variety announced that Criminal Intent had been renewed, and that Vincent D'Onofrio would be returning to the series as Detective Robert Goren for its final season.

There's been campaigns for the return of LOCI but personally I think the actors have moved on and are looking forward to new ventures.


  1. Wonderful L-Day, Bev!!! A show we will NEVER tire of!!

  2. Never did watch that particular show. I used to watch the original Law and Order, not sure why I stopped.

    Returning your A to Z visit. Wish I could bring chocolate with me.

  3. I haven't ever watched any Law and Orders. That was kind of my mom and sister's thing but it must be good because they would never allow interruptions!

    xoxo Lloralye @ Adorning Schemes A to Z

  4. I admit that I prefer ONLY the Vincent seasons. And in the later ones, I never watch the Logan episodes.

  5. Dang I'm still stuck on "K". Forgive me.

  6. Law & Order Every Time. :)
    Follow & A to Z Visit

  7. Oh, it's gone! Everybody has moved on (included huge chunks of the fandom!) It went out on a high note, that's what I really like about it.