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Monday, 27 February 2012

Why George Clooney Has Had Three Academy Awards Nominations and Vincent D’Onofrio Has None?

David Lara
February 26,2011

The movie Up in the Air (2009) was a critical success. But maybe some of you wondered if George Clooney was actually playing a role, or just playing himself on the big screen.
Of course Mr. Clooney is a talented, charismatic gentleman and performer. But when you realize how many great, gifted actors—both male and female—have been ignored by the Academy over the years, you have to ask yourself: are they really honoring great acting and talent, or just honoring glamour, fame and good connections?
FcadVincent D'Onofrio is just one of so many actors that have been never nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe or BAFTA Award. That is just ridiculous. Movies like Full Metal JacketThumbsucker,The Cell and The Whole Wide World have been enough proof of his amazing talent.
D'Onofrio has been defined as "The Human Chameleon" due to his incredible ability of reinvention on screen.
Charles Chaplin and his larger than life performance in Limelight was also completely ignored. And a whole book could be written about Oscar omissions and mistakes.
Tonight at the 84th Academy Awards Ceremony, George Clooney has a chance to shine again. He might not be the best actor of all but has what the Academy loves: charm, looks, and most of all, great Hollywood connections.
Actually the handsome actor truly represents Hollywood, and it is not a coincidence that he resembles Cary Grant so much.
What do you think about it?
Acting awards are an honor, but they are just a little part of the story.


  1. yes, i was wonder that myself, vincent should cause all of the great films vincent has done

  2. bev, u should have a button so we can add pics of vincent.

  3. Clooney is cute; Vincent is brilliant!

  4. George Clooney is an excellent actor, and he deserves the nominations and Oscar he has. Vincent is just as good an actor, but doesn't seem to need this recognition. I wish he wanted it, maybe then his handlers could push a bit more. You must create a buzz, get those 'For Your Consideration' and other stuff out to those who vote, take out ads in trades/billboards etc., and that usually takes $$ and committment. What's sad is it's surprising he was never nominated for FMJ. Everyone I talk to about that film asks 'Oh, he won an Oscar for that, right?' And when I tell them he wasn't even nominated, they don't believe me! Maybe when he's 85 he'll get an honorary Oscar. :/

  5. Leann @ Blogger isn't really set up that way. Nice idea though.

    Randi @ I think you're right on all counts. Vincent was never after the glory of it all. He had come to realize early on, after he did Mystic Pizza, that he was not going to become just another pretty face.

  6. I agree w/ Mauigirl, that he doesn't seem like he'd be comfortable accepting an Oscar. He definitely lives and works on his own terms, and that means he flies under the radar.

  7. However, it would be great watching him accept an Oscar. Keep in mind that Christpher Plummer received his first Oscar at age 82.

  8. He deserves some Oscars, SAG, BAFTA... but does he want them??
    I do love Vince!! since I was 17....

  9. Yes many people think that D'Onofrio is a brilliant actor who always surprises and never disappoints, he should be more recognised and acclaimed for his talent.