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Saturday, 28 April 2012

"Y" is for Yikes! and Yummy!

So my computer has Yet another Trojan virus. Had to bring it in for repair for the second time in less than two weeks.  YIKES!   Thankfully the technician is willing to fix it for free. But that leave me without my Vincent photo library for a few days. Which is a sad thing.

After my scare last time, thinking that I had lost all my pictures, I've been looking around for a external hard drive. One that is the best buy with the max capacity. Do I want a portable one? etc.   Starting to feel a little more pressure with the computer ending up in the "hospital" for a second time.

So today I'll have to have to rely on the vast supply of  "Yummy" Vincent pictures to satisfy you today.


  1. Poor Bev! I'm so sorry! Your backlog of V pix works for me, though!!

  2. Damn those viruses!!! So sorry that happened to ya!!!!!

  3. Just be warned - back up. I dropped my external (rather, the dog pulled it off the computer) and I lost 10 months worth of pictures. Lots of Vincent stuff, too, but that didn't hurt as much as compared to all my private pictures that are irreplacable.