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Monday, 23 April 2012

When Vincent D’Onofrio Speaks With His Hands, We Listen With Our Hearts

"T" for Talk

Gesture and speech are so tightly connected that one can’t be done without the other. Our hands say a lot about what’s going on in our heads. Our brains are hard-wired to use our hands to perfectly communicate our thoughts and convictions.

I think most of you can agree that there is an attraction to Vincent’s hands, be it their size or long fingers. We are mesmerized when he “talks” with his hands and are held at attention. While watching Vincent speak recently in a Q&A session, it was obvious by his hand gestures that he was confident and felt strongly about what he was saying. Vincent is a great one for talking with his palms open. Open hands usually express truth, honesty, allegiance and submission. It is an encouraging gesture. He holds his palm to form a plate to gently offer his ideas to others as he moves his hand forward. You’ll notice the bigger the idea the wider his arms are held out. When he turns his palms down he demands a certain air of authority. He suggests that his idea is correct and will not waver on that opinion.

Even Vincent’s fingers have been brought to our attention and have played an active roll while he speaks. His thumb alone has been viewed as a phallic symbol and has caused many a woman to stir.

When people feel secure while speaking their thumbs will rise more often as they speak, especially if their fingers are intertwined. Steepling of your fingers is also a sign of confidence; it is probably the most powerful display of confidence one can possess.

Why do we find Vincent D’Onofrio’s hands, fingers, palms and wrists so attractive? We can thank our temporal lobes for that, located in our brains behind our ears. The temporal lobes respond exclusively to hand shape. Thanks to the temporal lobes, hands “speak” to us and attract almost as much attention as faces.

I have often noticed that Vincent will bring his hand to his face and extend his index finger along his cheek, with his remaining fingers below his mouth. This is a sign that conveys an impression of deep thought. If his middle finger covers his mouth it may be a sign that he’s thinking about something but is not yet ready to speak out loud. Vincent also has a tendency to speak with his finger in the pointed position. Some may view this as an over aggressive and rude gesture. I’d like to believe that he is just adding an “exclamation mark” on his statement. I see it as being goal-oriented and focused.

Another thing I have observed while “watching” Vincent speak is the way he runs his hand through his hair. Preening is a common action, and may be a romantic invitation, a signal of superiority, or may indicate feelings of vulnerability. This could also be a pacifying gesture to help deal with stress, similar to rubbing his neck.

When the hands speak, the eyes—and the heart—listen. And that is more than true when it comes to Vincent.


  1. WONDERFUL article, Bev! And beautiful collages!! Great job, and so true!

  2. Amen to all the pictures and everything you said! What wonderful pics..My heart is in my throat!

  3. Sandy, Judith and Ruby, ditto. Fantastic post.

  4. I find it interesting that certain cultures use their hands in conversation, and others keep them at their side. Great photos of the gestures, Bev! Just stopping by to say hello from the Challenge...

  5. Totally true when the hands speak, you listen with your eyes and heart, but even if it's Vincent. I am always struck him with her beautiful hands and the way he moves, that's what gave Bobby Vincent Goren.Realmente is fascinating.