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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Do you know the Chameleon? He lives in NYC!

A-Z Blogging Challenge
Letter "A"

A is for Acronym 

When ask, "Do you know Vincent D'Onofrio?" many of you will probably answer, "Sure, he's the detective from that cop show, Law and Order:Criminal Intent".

Detective Bobby Goren

But did you know that Vincent D'Onofrio has done more than 55 movies in his career and is still going strong?
He accredits friend Matthew Modine for helping him land the role as Pvt. Leonard "Gomer Pyle" Lawrence in Stanley Kubrick's film, Full Metal Jacket. This film was really the start and the break he needed to start a long and rewarding career in acting.  Some other movies you may be familiar with  are, Adventures in Babysitting as Dawson (aka "Thor) , Edgar the alien bug from Men In Black and the Carl Stargher, the serial killer in The Cell.

Because Vincent  is a character actor and likes to challenge himself, he quite often chooses roles that "scare" him. He has faced them head on and have reaped the rewards of his talent.   He is able to transform himself and get into the minds of the characters he plays,  giving him the fitting nick name of "The Chameleon".

I invite you to have a look at his impressive list of movies at his IMDB
Not only will you discover the many roles that he's played over the years but also that he is a Director, Producer and Writer.

Currently Vincent is working on a script for a new cop drama called Blue Tilt. Deadline reports that he and Ethan Hawke will be playing two homicide detectives dealing with solving cases and the stresses of family. Potentially the pair will under go psychiatric evaluation.  Filming has yet to begin but I for one am looking forward to seeing Vincent in a regular series on television again.

Also, I'd like to give a special shout out and welcome to all my fellow A-Z bloggers this month. Good luck and happy blogging! 


  1. Great start to the month!!! I love the acronym. "Noffy" cracked me up!

  2. I love "Noffy," too!!! Great job, Bev! Good luck to you, also! Really looking forward to the rest of the month!

  3. Blue Tilt has been put on hold indefinitely. I don't think it'll happen.

    Good luck on your challenge... I once did kinda like an acronym post way back when (probably 2009!), but I really like your choices of letters on his name :) Especially "Noffy" - haven't heard that ever since the Noffylovers at livejournal closed...

  4. Okay help a sister out what does "noffy" stand for; I'm totally clueless.

  5. Good start...
    ...Bev, I wish you much luck for your blogging A-Z month.

  6. Thanks all!

    Vikeau, "Noffy" is just a nickname derived from from the 'nof' part of Vincent's last name. D'O"nof"rio. lol

  7. I went to school at Hialeah-Miami Lakes Sr High with Vincent in Hialeah, FL. Who would have known that he would have accomplished so much! Well done Vincent!

  8. Wow, that's so cool Gina. You're right he certainly has made something of himself. :)