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Thursday, 27 September 2012

"Homefront", New Film for Vincent D'Onofrio

The Millennium Films action thriller feature film "Homefront" is in production in Louisiana, and casting for day player speaking roles and extras will be ongoing through November 21, 2012. The movie, written and produced by Sylvester Stallone, is based on author Chuck Logan's crime drama series of novels featuring the character Phil Broker. Filming is taking place in New Orleans, the Westbank suburban area of New Orleans, Thibodaux, among other locations in Louisiana. All types and ages of people are needed to work as background performers, both union and non-union. "Homefront" centers on ex-DEA agent Phil Broker, who moves to a sleepy rural community with his little daughter Kit, who is still grieving from the recent death of her mother. His quiet new life doesn't last long when a meth dealer named Gator and his female sidekick Sheryl discover the presence of Broker in their town. Turns out that a murderous drug czar who is in prison, Danny T, blames Broker for the death of his son in a drug raid and is determined to have him tracked down and killed. When Gator and Sheryl rat Broker out to Danny T, Broker and Kit's "peaceful" new life takes a nightmarish turn. The stellar cast includes Jason Statham in the lead role of Phil Broker; Academy Award nominee James Franco as meth dealer Gator; two-time Academy Award nominee Winona Ryder as Gators' partner Sheryl; Kate Bosworth plays Gators' drug addicted sister Cassie Bodine; Twilight's Rachelle Lefevre portrays school psychiatrist Susan Hatch; Izabela Vidovic plays Phil Broker's daughter; Omar Miller is cast as Teedo, a man who helps Broker and his daughter; and Vincent D'Onofrio plays drug czar Danny T. Details on how talent can submit for acting roles, and registration information for extras can be found on the following casting post:
 Feature Film "Homefront" New Orleans Casting Call

Source: Examiner


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