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Monday, 13 August 2012

Vincent D'Onofrio: From Murdering Psychopath to Dad

Fresh off the killing floors of Jennifer Lynch's "Chained" , Vincent D'Onofrio moves on to the role of "Dad" in Jennifer's new movie "A Fall From Grace". Producer/writer Eric Wilkinson tells The Reelblog that they are in the process of completing contracts with Vincent's reps and he will be playing the father of the title character, GRACE. Vincent is playing a distraught father dealing with the loss of his only son.

Teen megastar Chloe Grace Moretz is considering the role of Grace. Chloe is probably best known for her role in Diary of a Wimpy Kid and more recently Hugo.

Writer/Producer, Eric Wilkinson had a chill up his spine upon walking across the abandoned "Old Chain of Rocks Bridge" conducting video recording research for his Producing Partner David Michaels. Not knowing why he had such a haunting feeling, or fascination to the bridge he began doing research on it. He did not know until several days after recording footage of the location that it was where the infamous "Kerry Sisters Murder" occurred. In 1991 two young sisters were raped and murdered on the bridge, being thrown off it by their assailants into the Mississipi river below. A dark and violent incident that influenced Wilkinson's decision to create the screenplay based around, and on this location. The story however, would not be regarding that incident, but rather the haunting energy the location possessed. He went back again to photograph and video record this location for Writer/Director Jennifer Chambers Lynch. IDMB


  1. Heaves huge sigh of relief. Not the villain this time.

  2. Yeah, I'm sighing in relief, too. I do confess that I prefer Vincent as hero, or as complex character with heroic and tragic characteristics.

    Also, speaking as a person who goes up and down in weight, when he's been overweight he's been chosen so often for roles that are some combination of criminal and pathetic. Hey, casting directors: fat can be strong, sexy and charismatic (for example, look at VDO in his real life).

  3. I could not agree more about how sexy and charismatic VDO is, regardless of his weight. I love his bigger, cuddlier look.

  4. Ditto the above, he is not 40 any longer and looks great for his age!

  5. I agree with all of you. I've never been a huge fan of horror movies. I'm sure I'll be watching this one with one eye shut. He's been busy, busy, busy. Hopefully we'll get to see some of the independents we've been waiting on.

  6. He is sexy and amazing at any weight... and other women agree 100%!