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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Vincent D'Onofrio Bringing Law and Order to the Lou?

The producers of the upcoming thriller "A Fall from Grace" have added more names to the list of stars who may be coming to St. Louis this fall. Vincent D'Onofrio  is slated to play the father of a kidnap victim. Daryl Hannah ("Kill Bill") is in talks to play victim's mother.
Daryl Hannah
The role of the cop who pursues the kidnapper/killer is already set. Tim Roth ("Reservoir Dogs") got the ball rolling for director/co-writer Jennifer Lynch ("Chained") when he agreed to play the St. Louis detective. He was soon joined by hometowner Cedric the Entertainer as the city coroner.

Now that there's a director, a script, some stars and a very photogenic river city, all that's missing is the money. But they're working on it, discussing tax credits with the states of Missouri and Illinois and inviting investors to pitch in.

Keep watching this space for updates. Or if you've got money to burn, contact Apothecary Films for your piece of the action.

RESOURCE: The St-Louis Post Dispatch

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