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Monday, 28 May 2012

Jennifer Lynch "Chained" Hits the Cutting Floor to Appease the MPAA's, NC-17 Rating.

CANNES Q&A: Jennifer Lynch
May 23, 2012

Jennifer: I want to investigate what scares me and worries me. It’s funny, with my last picture [“Chained”] I just got this NC-17 rating for violence. My feeling is, of course it’s a violent scene, but it’s not violent the way people are expecting it to be. It’s emotionally upsetting. And I think violence should be emotionally upsetting....This stuff is happening, and I don’t want to glorify it, but I do think it shouldn’t just be put to us in little sound bites on the evening news. It should be something we stand up and say 'no' to. And the best way to say 'no' to something is to have yourself familiar enough with it to define what you’re rejecting. And again, I hope that in each of the situations I’m telling there is as much redemption and hope as there is terror. Because I’m not interested in just the dark stuff. What I think is great is how the human spirit tends to champion those things. I don’t think violence comes from nowhere.

Have you made cuts or changes to “Chained” based on the MPAA’s NC-17 decision?

Yeah, we just went into the flame room, and we’re removing a lot of stuff in a particular scene. And we’ll see what the MPAA says. The flame room is where you go in to paint out blood or change things, it’s a CG room. I’m hoping that this satisfies them. I’m sad to see the scene go from its original intention. I hope I get to do a director’s cut and have all the things in there that I want in there. What’s weird is, I think horror fans are going to be shocked that I got an NC-17 for this film. I hope that they’re not disappointed in me, because I never ever thought we’d get an NC-17. I thought for sure we’d get an R based on what else is getting R’s. People shouldn’t see that film at 9:15 in the morning, and that’s when [the MPAA members] were watching it. So already I felt like, Geez, this isn’t a breakfast movie! Even I know that! [laughs]

You can read the full interview   HERE


  1. Seriously, I thought this might happen. Well, there should be an unrated version or director's cut available for the DVD release so we can all see the original film. I hope Vincent's performance is not compromised by the edits.

  2. Sad to see she had to modify the film to appease the MPAA but I think it's the right decision to get an audience. Hopefully the original version will be available in some format and those of us with the stomach will have a chance to see it. (I'll be happy with the edited version, I think!)

  3. I personally do not like movies with lots of violence, I'd rather see my favorite actor in films that are of drama, police, thriller, but not this type of violence as well as crude, which does great harm to another being. Logical that he plays maravillocamente, no doubt, but I'd rather see actuacndo other than by violent and.

  4. It's too bad they forced her hand and she had to change her movie b/c of the MPAA. I don't understand how these sex fueled and sophomoric movies make it thru w/ full frontal nudity but violence gets NC17? I'm not into violence and probably won't see this movie b/c it bothers me too much, but I don't like the censorship of some movies but not others.