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Saturday, 25 February 2012

SINISTER Moves To Scare Us In October!

Spet. 25, 2012
Ain't It Cool News
Alan Cerny
Shock Till You Drop is reporting that since Lionsgate decided that October was too soon for yet another remake of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (in 3D no less), they moved it to early 2013.  That was all the opportunity Summit Entertainment needed and so they moved their fall horror film SINISTER to that original date, October 5th.
SINISTER, a horror film directed by Scott Derrickson, stars Ethan Hawke and Vincent D'Onofrio (and former Presidential candidate Fred Dalton Thompson!) - a crime writer finds a bunch of video tapes showing the brutal murder of several families, but as he investigates further, something... more may be happening than is apparent.
But you know the most important thing?  SINISTER is co-written (along with Scott Derrickson) by one Christopher Cargill.  You might know him better as our resident Dr. Pepper swilling, cross-hopping, 20-pack-a-day smoking Massawyrm.  I can't wait to see this for that alone.
Will SINISTER be this year's SAW or PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, box office wise?  Only time will tell.  We'll see this October 5th.


  1. Wait...did I misunderstand? I thought they pushed this to January 2013?

  2. Actually it had a August 24th release date. This date actually makes more sense seeing how it falls under "horror" genre. Closer to Halloween. It's also been rated "R" for "Disturbing images and some terror.