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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

"O" is for "Ole"

Tony "Ole" Olezniak is a former football player that had to give up his sport because of a freak injury on the field.  A whack to the back of his head causes him to go blind and changes his life as he knew it.  "Ole" (Vincent D'Onofrio) had everything going for him and life became very bitter for him once he went blind. He lost his fame, he lost his girlfriend and he lost his zest for life. But that all begins to change when a wheelchair bound denturist (Gregory Hines) challenges him to join him in a white water rafting race.

This has got to be one of my favorite Vincent films. It's not very often that we are treated to the humourous side of Vincent and this one is loaded.  The chemistry between Vincent and Gregory is wonderful. Do yourself a favour and watch "Good Luck", you'll be glad you did.


  1. Easily my fave Vincent movie. That scene on the dock when they go crabbing makes me cry from laughing so hard.

    1. I'de like it but i've been searching this movie for 3 years and it's just impossible to find it in France.... So sad!!!!

  2. I agree that Hines & D'Onofrio had amazing chemistry. This film is very watchable and enjoyable. The crabbing scene and the ugly waitress just made me laugh so. 'O' is also for Robert 'O' Goren, not the mention the big 'O' that D'Onofrio incites just by existing. CJ, maybe someone can help you out with a download (in English though). I don't have 'ripping' software, or I'd upload it for you myself. Good Luck!

  3. My all-time second favorite Vincent movie!! LOVE him in comedies!!!