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Friday, 3 August 2012

Calling All Vincent D'Onofrio Fans!

Have you had the opportunity to meet Vincent D'Onofrio? Well, we'd love to hear about it!
A small group of fans together with his sister Toni Jorgensen are looking for photos of you with Vincent. The photos will be compiled and made into a Charity Calendar to help support the Utah Meth Cops Program. The Utah Meth Cops Program is a charity very close to Vincent's heart, and we as fans thought this would be a great way to show our support.

Please follow the instructions to submit your photo at the link HERE

Below is a page sample for the calendar.


  1. Leaves me out, because I've never met the Sexy Man( Vincent ).

  2. What a wonderful calendar idea!! Too bad I can't contribute but I love seeing people I know in it!!!!

  3. MY God. I look at the last pic. He's a candle in the wind. Great actor and family man. One of my favs