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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Vincent D'Onofrio Fan Calendar for Utah Meth Cops Project.

Now's your chance to help support The Utah Meth Cops Project right from the comfort of your own home.

This is where you come in.


Some of us are planning to publish and sell a 2013 calendar featuring photos of Vincent D’Onofrio with you, his fans. ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS PROJECT WILL GO DIRECTLY TO THE UTAH METH COPS PROJECT, a charity very dear to Vincent’s heart.

If you have a photo or photos (limit 2 per person, please) that were taken live with Vincent and you would like to have one included in this project, please email them to (note this address is “.ca” NOT “.com”) with a “cc” to and with the subject heading “Calendar Photo.” Please note that, because of space limitations, picture quality, etc., just because you submit a photo does not mean that it will be included in the calendar. So be sure to send us the best quality you have. We will NOT accept any photo that has been digitally manipulated (i.e., “Photoshopped”). All photos must have been taken live with you and Vincent together.

You will find below a legal release for use of your name and photo. Please copy this Release Paragraph and paste it into the body of your email with the photo attached—one photo per email please, and remember to limit yourself to two photo submissions. Also include your name as you would like it to appear in print and include the locale of the picture, should your photo be chosen. Without this release, we will not consider your photo for publication. Information about purchasing copies of the calendar will be forthcoming once we are farther along with the project. We will send a quick reply to your emails to let you know we received them.


Permission is granted to cross-post this information. Spread the word!
Release Paragraph

I hereby consent and agree that the Utah Meth Cops Project, its employees, or agents have the right to the attached photograph(s) exclusively for use in any and all fund raising activities, including but not limited to a 2013 Calendar currently in development. I hereby represent that I am the legal copyright owner of the attached photograph or I have otherwise obtained the necessary permission and consent from the legal copyright owner to use this photograph for the purpose stated in this Release. The use of this photo by the Utah Meth Cops Project as described in this Release in no way interferes with the current ownership rights of the attached photo. I further consent that my name and identity may be revealed therein or by descriptive text or commentary. I understand that there will be no financial or other remuneration to me for said use.

* Calendar may not be exactly as represented in photo. This is just a sample


  1. Can't wait to see all the fan pics!

  2. Very cool! And well done remembering the legal release form too. ;)

  3. Please let me know when I can get one.

  4. Thanks for your interest Midge, I'll be sure to post as soon as they are available.

  5. Hi Bev, I am just trying to figure out how, to order a calendar. If you could lead me in the right direction, I'd be very thankful. Jennifer C.

  6. Hi Jennifer, All the info you need is at this link here.

    If you're still unclear on the ordering procedures you can email me at and I'll break it down for you.