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Friday, 20 April 2012

"R" is for Random

So I'm totally stumped on my post for "R" for the A-Z challenge.  So I did a Google search using this phrase "sexy words that start with "R". Why sexy you ask? Well this is a blog about Vincent D'Onofrio so it seemed like a natural fit.

14 words came up.  I picked my favorite 5 and matched them up with a photo of Vincent.

Vincent takes 10 before going on Morning Joe to talk about "Kill the Irishman".

Vincent had a little scruff, a lot of buff and a lot of sexy in the movie "Salute of the Jugger"

Vincent did an outstanding job as a simple minded soldier gone crazy in the movie Full Metal Jacket. His performance was very noteworthy and should have won him an Oscar.

Vincent plays Sam Deed, time traveler, who comes back to the past to find his true love, in Happy Accidents.

Vincent has the capability to arouse and hold the attention of the audience when he speaks about his career and acting.


  1. I may have to google sexy words and see what it give me

    Happy A to Z

  2. Just marvelous, Bev!! And thanks so much for including my Sweet Sammy!!!

  3. You forgot radiant, rigtheous and really sexy. Just saying...

  4. Wonderful topic for the A to Z blog challenge! Great job!

  5. What a great way to get inspired before making a challenge post! And love what it helped you come up with. :) I may just have to snag the idea from you as we head into U X and Z - cause I'm stumped so far on them. LOL