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Tuesday 13 November 2012

VIDEO:High Praises From Josh Duhamel For Vincent D'Onofrio

Vincent D'Onofrio Joins Ethan Hawke in Off-Broadway's "Clive"

Brooks Ashmanskas, Vincent D’Onofrio and Zoe Kazan Will Join Ethan Hawke in Off-Broadway's Clive.

Additional casting has been announced for The New Group's upcoming production of Jonathan Marc Sherman's Clive, which begins a limited Off-Broadway engagement Jan. 17, 2013, at The New Group at Theatre Row (The Acorn Theatre, 410 West 42nd Street).

 Joining the previously announced Ethan Hawke in the title role will be Brooks Ashmanskas, Vincent D’Onofrio and Zoe Kazan. Additional casting will be announced.

Also directed by Hawke, the production will officially open Feb. 7 at 7 PM.

 Inspired by Bertolt Brecht's inflammatory play Baal, Clive, according to press notes, "tracks a dissipated songwriter in 1990s New York City from the hedonistic heights of seduction and consumption into an ecstasy of self-destruction." his production reunites playwright Sherman and director Hawke, who teamed previously at The New Group on Things We Want (written by Sherman, directed by Hawke, 2007 extended run) At once a celebration and a nightmare vision of life lived for pleasure, Clive boasts an eclectic selection of classic American songs performed live.

 Performances will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7 PM and Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 PM with matinees Saturday at 2 PM. Tickets, on sale in late November, may be arranged through or (212) 239-6200, or at the Theatre Row Box Office (12–8 PM daily).
Tickets are $60 plus $1.25 restoration fee.

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Friday 2 November 2012

"Crackers", starring Vincent D'Onofrio, Screening at Teaneck Film Festival

Short film, 'Crackers' will be present at Teaneck High School, 
Nov. 10

The short independent film, Crackers, produced by Exit 135 Productions starring Vincent D’Onofrio (Law & Order Criminal Intent), Brenda Vaccaro (Midnight Cowboy), Dan Hedaya (Cheers), Sal Richards (Out for Justice), Anthony Laciura (Boardwalk Empire), Beth Ann Bonner (One Life to Live) and Vincent Mora (Westfield resident) will make its New Jersey debut on Saturday, Nov. 10, at 5:15 p.m. at the Teaneck High School Auditorium, 100 Elizabeth Avenue as part of the sixth Annual Teaneck International Film Festival. Tickets are $5 in advance and $7 at the door.

 Westfield resident and award–winning documentary and narrative filmmaker, Gregory Principato, (Mr. Laughs –A Look Behind the Curtain – 2009), has directed, produced and co-wrote the film, alongside Mountainside resident, Timothy Reinhardt. Crackers is a fictional showcase piece produced independently with a budget of under $200,000. Even with such restraints, the crew, made up of all professional actors and crew helped to make the film look and feel like a true big budget Hollywood movie. Crackers recently won Best Short Film and The People’s Choice Award at the 2012 Fort Myers Beach Film Festival and Best Short Comedy at Artisan Festival International’s World Cinema Festival in the Hamptons this past summer.

 This dark comedy, with a run time of 32 minutes is a story of the unraveling of an otherwise content chef (Vincent D’Onofrio) who now finds himself out of work and having to share his home with his cantankerous mother in law (Brenda Vaccaro), and her nutcracker collection that seem to invade his home. It’s only until he turns to his oddball neighborhood friends, (Sal Richards and Anthony Laciura) for help when things get worse and he slowly loses his paradise, his sanity and all that is sacred to him.

 When asked how they came up with the story, Principato said the experience had been surreal. “My wife had just finished reading Tim’s novel, “Not Far From Nothing” and suggested I meet with him to discuss his helping me write Crackers. The story had been twirling around in my head for years, but once we decided to work together, the words just flew out of my mouth and Tim began typing away. It took a few weeks to write the full story. Some of the characters come from our personal experiences and upbringing, so the dialogue felt real, but I was particularly amazed about how smoothly the partnership between Tim and I evolved as we met weekly at Barnes and Noble to work on the story.” Although Gregory has directed projects before and Tim has other fictional works written, this was the team’s first attempt in writing a fictional screenplay.

 “There were times I was pacing, waving my hands and yelling out profanities as part of the dialogue, while Tim was sitting on the floor with his laptop plugged in to the wall in the back of the store by the restrooms. One time, there was this elderly woman on her way to the bathroom when she had caught us in mid-dialogue, with me yelling, 'Now Gus, feed the crazy old broad some kind of potent drug." I felt like a deer caught in the headlights when I turned around to see this sweet old woman staring at me. The look on her face was just priceless.” Principato explains.

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Thursday 1 November 2012

"Broken Horses" - New Film for Vincent D'Onofrio

The Men In Black star Vincent D'onofrio starts shooting for the filmmaker's magnum opus Broken Horses.

 After much delay on his very ambitious project, sources confirm that Vidhu Vinod Chopra has finally begun shooting for his first Hollywood film. While the shooting is on in the deserts of Death Valley in East California, rumour is that actor Vincent D'onofrio has joined the star cast. According to sources, the film titled Broken Horses is a gangster film in true Chopra style.

Written by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Abhijat Joshi, script consultant Jason Richman was also hired to work on the film. Our source says, "Buzz is that Vincent has joined the cast of the film. The actor is known for his famous portrayal of Edgar (the Cockroach Man) in Men In Black."

 Often referred to as an actor's actor, Vincent's work as a character actor has earned him the nickname of 'The Human Chameleon'. We even traced a cast member from the film on his social networking site, where he had stated "Had my fitting done for Broken Horses starring Vincent D'onofrio. Shooting Tomorrow".

After all they say, the proof of the pudding is in its eating! Where's Mickey? There was also rumour a couple of years ago about Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke being a part of the star cast. However, ever since filming began, Mickey is yet to be spotted on the sets. With the actor slated to appear in three back-to-back films, we wonder how Mickey will make time for Vidhu.


Saturday 13 October 2012

Vincent D'Onofrio Awarded Best Actor for "Chained"at Stiges 2012

I'm not surprised by this award at all. Vincent's performance in "Chained" was outstanding.

The Stiges jury also awarded a special prize for "Chained". Making note of it's high quality . Jennifer Lynch can be proud.


Friday 5 October 2012

“Chained” with Vincent D’Onofrio. The Secret to Playing a Serial Killer

Vincent D’Onofrio has enjoyed a career playing characters who aren’t exactly warm and fuzzy. From his famous turn in Full Metal Jacket as the troubled Private Gomer Pyle, to Edgar in Men In Black, D’Onofrio has become a go-to man when it comes to psychotic characters. It certainly doesn’t hurt matters that he excels at the part.
With Chained, D’Onofrio plays Bob, a sadistic killer who preys upon families with his taxi. It’s another fine performance from the man, and he brings a lot of his characteristic quirks to the part. We had a chance to discuss the role with Mr. D’Onofrio recently.
When studying for Bob, did you research any serial killers?
Just as a person, not as an actor, I have no sympathy towards them at all. I think they should be locked up. As an actor, I explored it a lot to give Bob certain actions for why he does the things he does. As I approach this character, and telling the story properly with him, it’s about executing it correctly, so that the story is told properly so that it’s not about Bob and who he is, but an actual story. I made sure his tone and his behavior was a certain way that it fit the storyline.
You’ve played various characters with certain quirks throughout your career. What about that role attracts you?
It’s stuff that I bring to the part. If you were to read these scripts the story would be there, but you wouldn’t necessarily associate those things with the character. Most actors bring things to the part without changing any words, or changing any part of the story. We help tell the story in the way that we thought of, so there are things about Bob that were not scripted that I brought. If I think the story is interesting enough to tell, then that’s what I’ll bring to it.

When you’re playing a character with secrets or you have something to hide, how do you suppress that?
You do it like we do in real life; we behave like we don’t have them. The deeper the secret, the less you’ll be aware that somebody has them. It’s a secret that’s a very surface secret, we can detect when somebody is holding it back. But if it’s a really deep, dark secret then people behave normally. You’re supposed to behave like you don’t have one.
What was it like to work with Jennifer Lynch on this project?
She’s great. She’s a very hands-on director. She’s good at keeping things going with a very positive attitude, with a lot of great ideas at any given time. I’m going to work with her again on a film called Fall From Grace.